Bridal Bag essentials

A few essentials to keep with you on the wedding day:

Tissues – you will most likely need them at some stage during the day.

Mints – so many brides will suffer from a dry mouth because of nerves, so make sure they are close to hand pre-ceremony.

Bobby pins – if you are going for a hair up style, keep some extra bobbies for any hair that may shift throughout the day – hair stylists can always offer you pins on the wedding day.

Powder compact – while as makeup artists we use the best products to ensure your makeup will last all day, if you do tend to get oily and this bothers you, pack a small compact for your nose and forehead. Especially if you are getting married during a hot summer day.

Blotting paper – ok so not an essential, but amazing for removing any excess shine before you re-powder.

Lip stick/gloss/liner – whatever your preference, pack something for touch ups, we are sure that your lipstick will be eaten and kissed off many times over!

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